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[日期:2008-07-28]   [字体: ]
Olympic passion, and the sun Campus

     Fourth grade (4) classes have home-hing

With the start of the Olympic torch relay, the whole country people excited to come to watch the Olympic Games, does not have been more excited.







Many schools have organized the "Olympic passion, and the sun Campus" series of activities, our school is no exception, last Friday, our school organized a comprehensive practice regarding the development of extracurricular activities, including activities of the major projects is the "Towards Olympics" series of activities The aim is to enhance the students of physical and enhance self-confidence and inspire patriotic fervor. We heard the news, feeling very excited and emotional high, happy to take part in the the event.

We came to Shenzhen, the mountain scenery Resort Park, we immediately get off the side while taking a breath of fresh air here, while listening to the teacher stresses the point, this is the largest on the Olympic Games, learning, "Austrian Yun knowledge manual, "she Tuoyin blessing," to meet the Olympic Games, Love China "signature, and so on.

When we began studying the "Olympic knowledge Manual", we hear Youziyouwei, to concentrate on to, the teacher asked the question we are all correct answers, how kind » Terrible!

Next, is "Meeting the Olympic Games, Love China" signature campaign tour to each of us a watercolor pen, writing in "Meeting the Olympic Games, Love China" on the cloth sign their name, I take A watercolor pen, in the heart of meditation: we must do "Towards the Olympic Games, stressing civilization, and fostering new practices" to the Olympic Games opening ceremony of the day, if the school holidays, I have to look at the Olympic Games.
At the end of an activity, guess what » Tuoyin she is good, she is-good image, guided tours to each of us a White, told us: this paper to our own blessing on her iron tablets, used a pencil to the direction of painting, not to a few Art direction, her otherwise well-printed on the Buhao Kan. I picked up a pencil, to concentrate on painting up to that, a few minutes later, a flexible live in the Beibei on the show in front of us, watching this on behalf of the prosperity of the lovely small fish, I can not help the Tiantiandixiao.
With the encouragement of her blessing, as a primary, I with a lofty dream, I have to like those athletes, they learn that perseverance, winning glory for the country with the spirit of my GREat dreams, and I sincerely I wish the rest of the world's athletes and other everyone: good fortune, good fortune, happiness, health, good luck. In future, when I grow up to become an outstanding athlete, winning glory for the country and add luster!


      四年级(4)班  曾家馨






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